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The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) and Polytechnic announced that applications are now open for enterprises looking to benefit from its recently launched Apprenticeship Program. The program was launched as part of the new bundle of programs aimed at supporting 50,000 Bahrainis annually to facilitate their employment and career development. The Apprenticeship Program is an initiative through which Tamkeen will collaborate with various training and educational partners to deliver quality training for Bahrainis. The Program was designed to enhance employment opportunities for local talent by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge required by the labor market through hands-on work experience delivered by specialized education providers such as Polytechnic Bahrain.  

Individuals enrolled in the Apprenticeship Program will attend a combination of classroom instruction and practical training during their three-year placement. Throughout the program period, Tamkeen will support 50% of the individual’s wage and 100% of the training cost up to the approved and allocated cap. Enterprises interested in benefiting from this program can submit their applications through Tamkeen’s online portal to employ and train Bahraini talents.   

As part of this initiative, Tamkeen has partnered with Bahrain Polytechnic as the first provider of training across various specialties including automotive maintenance and repair, welding, electrical, and air conditioning. Efforts are currently underway to establish more partnerships and specializations to expand the skills and specialties supported by this program.   

Labour Fund (Tamkeen) Chief Executive, Maha Abdulhameed Mofeez, emphasized the key role of the Apprenticeship Program in upskilling and training the national workforce and enhance their employability in job roles suited to the current labor market requirements.   

“We are thrilled to launch the Apprenticeship Program which aims to increase employment opportunities for Bahrainis by equipping them with the skills and competencies under high demand in the labor market,” she said on the occasion.  “This is done through partnering with high quality training providers in Bahrain to facilitate practical and technical training opportunities to prepare Bahrainis for new job opportunities as well as supporting the wages of the apprentices throughout the duration of the program. This unique program from Tamkeen will extend the support to even more Bahrainis than before, providing them with the chance to develop indispensable skillsets to enhance their employment and career development opportunities.”  

On his part, Professor Ciarán Ó Catháin, CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic, explained that the Polytechnic  programs, which are developed in partnership with the industry, have proven their ability over the years to provide the labour market with competent graduates capable of entering and competing in the labor market, adding that “The apprenticeship programs, which are recently launched by Bahrain Polytechnic, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Tamkeen, are tailored as per the requirements of the labour market, and  according to the highest international standards, contributing to ensuring the quality of the program’s outputs and providing graduates with the necessary experiences to combine academic knowledge with practical experience. 

“The apprenticeship programs are Earn and Learn programs that have two components, a 30% theoretical component where candidates gain the necessary knowledge and experiences related to their field of study, at the Polytechnic, and a 70% on-the-job component where they join a real-life working environment to obtain proficiency, knowledge and skills required to ace a job.” added Professor Ciarán Ó Catháin.   

Apprenticeships serve as a link between academic education and employment, providing individuals with the opportunity to gain specialized practical experience and skills in various fields. These experiences contribute to providing trainees with job opportunities in priority sectors in the kingdom, including manufacturing, technology, healthcare, and other related sectors. Furthermore, apprenticeship training provides experiences that align with the future market needs, making Bahrainis the optimal choice for employment. 

This program is aligned with Tamkeen’s 2024 strategic priorities, which are focused on economic impact and the private sector under three pillars: increasing economic participation through new employment opportunities for new entrants, expanding career development opportunities available to Bahraini workforce, and lastly further developing the private sector by supporting enterprises and boosting productivity and adoption of technology.  

Business owners and institutions interested in registering and benefiting from the supported apprenticeship programs are encouraged to visit the website for more details and to apply for the programs.