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Press Release.

The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) was awarded the Best in Customer Service Award by Contact Center World in recognition of Tamkeen’s excellence in customer service. Tamkeen was recognized amongst candidates from Europe, Africa and the Middle East regions such as Portugal, Turkey and South Africa. Contact Center World was established in 1999 with the mission to provide world class research, conferences, awards, networking opportunities and information on best practices in contact center and customer experience operations.

The organization currently has over 215,000 members representing various corporations and provides a platform where professionals from all around the world can discover growing trends in customer experience.  

On this occasion, Mr. Esam Hammad, Executive Director of Marketing & Customer Experience at the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) celebrated this great achievement for Tamkeen’s Contact Center, highlighting the massive efforts from the team which led to this recognition. He stated: “We are proud of this achievement which comes as a testament to our commitment to serve the Kingdom with the highest standards of services. Our Contact Center serves as a bridge between the market and internal departments, being the first point of interaction with the organization, and through that we strive to provide high quality service levels ensuring a positive experience with Tamkeen.” 

He added: “It is a priority for us to ensure that our Contact Center team is equipped with the knowledge and communication skills required to cater to the needs of various customer groups. We continuously incorporate the latest advancements in customer experience within our service by providing multiple channels and utilizing technology driven solutions.  

Tamkeen’s award-winning Contact Center was established in 2012 as part of the Outreach strategic cycle which focused on raising awareness about Tamkeen and its offering among the citizens of Bahrain. Since then, the Contact Center has consistently provided exemplary levels of service, leading it to receive various awards and recognitions, which more recently included: the golden classification under the Kingdom’s governments evaluation program in 2022, and the Customer Service Excellence Award within the National Suggestion & Complaint system (Tawasul).

Over the years, the Contact Center stayed abreast of the latest technologies and customer behaviors, introducing new features such as virtual channels including live chat, an AI-powered chatbot, social media, and more.  

Tamkeen’s strategy for customer service focuses on improving overall efficiency and resource utilization in customer service, improving first contact resolution across channels, converting all services to digital to empower customers, introducing an integrated employee and customer learning experience that facilitates knowledge sharing, focusing on quality assurance and consistency across channels, and centralizing data and information dissemination to support the front line customer service team. These efforts have led to Tamkeen being awarded for Excellence in Customer Service.