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Press Release. 

The Labour Fund “Tamkeen” announced an agreement with major Japanese Application developer, E-Growth aimed at supporting international training opportunities for Bahraini talent. As part of Tamkeen’s Global-Ready Talent Program, the initiative marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Bahrain Embassy in Japan.

The 12-month program will see Bahrainis join E-Growth as Application developers, working on mission-critical applications, building, designing, and developing Java applications, and coordinating with their team on different layers of the web infrastructure. It is notable that Japan is a technology giant which heavily invests in digital technologies, as the ICT sector contributed by 5.1% of Japan’s GDP in 2021.

Participants with a bachelor’s degree in the ICT field were selected to benefit from this 12-month program. Interested individuals in obtaining similar training opportunities in the ICT sector can register through Tamkeen’s newly launched ‘Kawader’ platform.

Tamkeen’s Chief Executive, Her Excellency Ms. Maha AbdulHameed Mofeez said, “The partnership between Tamkeen and E-Growth signifies a transformative opportunity for young Bahrainis in the vastly growing ICT sector. By aligning with Japan’s technological advancement, which opens doors to world-class training, knowledge transfer, and hands-on experience with industry giants. The initiative not only empowers Bahraini youth with specialized skills, but gives them experience in cross-border collaboration, enhancing their global readiness. It’s a strategic investment in the future, nurturing talent, driving innovation, and reinforcing Bahrain’s position as a hub for technological excellence.”

E-Growth is a major player in Application development in Japan. The institution’s partners include Japanese and global players such as IBM Japan Limited, HP Japan Inc., Sega XD Co. and Softbank Technology Corporation.

E-Growth President, Akiyoshi Sakaguchi said, “I would like to express my gratitude to Tamkeen’s team for their efforts in fostering cooperation between E-Growth and the Kingdom of Bahrain. We look forward to making steady strides together in reshaping the world of information technology and contributing to the growth of this sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain, while enhancing the skills of young local talent.”

The collaboration between E-growth and Tamkeen represents a significant step in a vision that fosters innovation and excellence in the ICT sector. In an era where digital presence is paramount, web development strengthens user experience, and ensures accessibility across various platforms. This in turn, crafts digital solutions that drive growth, engagement, and success in today’s vastly growing ICT sector.

Tamkeen has supported 51 Bahrainis to date through the Global-Ready Talent Program, where individuals successfully joined the workforces of various international companies. These include Fives Group, Arla Foods, CERN, ZEN Data, and ProDrive International. This aligns with Tamkeen’s 2023 strategy, which focus on four key priorities: facilitating the increased economic participation of Bahrainis, providing training that is aligned with the labor market needs in new and emerging skills, as well as enterprise and ecosystem development, all of which drive positive economic impact and sustainable growth.