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Press Release. 

The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) supported Bahrain-based business-to-business (B2B) tendering platform, Procural, for the purpose of developing their business which will lead to the creation of new job opportunities for tens of Bahrainis. The support will enable Procural to enhance their ability to use cloud-based technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match vendors with buyers.  

This support comes as a part of Tamkeen’s Start Your Business program, which is open to SMEs and startups launched within the last three years and offers grants on items such as machinery, marketing, and the implementation of technology. The program encourages budding entrepreneurs and innovators to contribute to the positive development of the Kingdom’s economy.  

Tamkeen’s Chief Growth Officer, Qusay Al Arayedh said: “As a key driver of economic development in the Kingdom, Tamkeen is committed to fostering innovation, creating employment opportunities, and leveraging advanced technologies to empower businesses in Bahrain. We believe in the transformative power of cloud-based technology and AI to revolutionize traditional business practices and are committed to supporting ambitious entrepreneurs with their journeys towards success. We believe Procural will be an important addition to the B2B ecosystem, not just in Bahrain, but also across the region.” 

Procural Co-Founder and CEO Uzair Usman said: “Procural’s platform enhances the way B2B transactions are conducted, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and boosting competitiveness. With Tamkeen’s support, we hope to expand our business, employ more local talent, overcome certain challenges, refine the platform for a more pleasant customer experience, and become a major marketplace for the region.” 

Procural offers a range of features that include cloud-based infrastructure, customizable approval workflows, automated purchase orders, and real-time budget tracking. The startup’s comprehensive approach to procurement streamlines the purchasing process, saving businesses time and money while ensuring compliance with procurement policies.