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In line with its 2024 strategic priorities and as part of the newly launched bundle of programs, the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) announced its recent support to Aramex Bahrain, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, to boost national employment and further enhance career development opportunities in the sector. 

As part of the support provided, more than 30% of Aramex Bahrain employees will benefit from the recently launched Wage Increment Program, resulting in 58% of beneficiaries working in high-quality jobs. 

Aramex Bahrain is among the first enterprises to benefit from the new Tamkeen Programs Bundle, which aims to support 50,000 Bahrainis by providing quality employment opportunities, enhancing their career development through wage increments, and equipping the national workforce with the necessary training in accordance with labor market requirements through various programs and tracks targeting individuals and enterprises. 

“We are pleased to see a remarkably positive response and high demand from the private sector following the launch of our new support programs, especially in regard to innovative solutions supporting the employment and career development of Bahrainis,” said Labour Fund (Tamkeen) Chief Executive, Her Excellency Ms. Maha Abdulhameed Mofeez on the occasion. 

“We are pleased to announce Tamkeen’s support to Aramex Bahrain which reinforces our dedication to fostering the advancement of the private sector as a catalyst for economic growth while creating substantial opportunities for Bahraini professionals to excel and advance in their careers. This initiative aligns with our goals of positioning Bahrainis as the preferred choice in the labor market, offering them quality prospects for success and leadership roles in the transportation and logistics sector, which has been identified as a pivotal area in the National Economic Recovery Plan.” 

The transportation and logistics services sector has emerged as a vital contributor to job creation in Bahrain, providing employment to approximately 38,000 Bahrainis. A total of 5,506 new employees joined the sector between 2021 and 2022, signifying a 22% increase. 

Established in 1989, Aramex Bahrain operates as part of the larger Aramex network spanning over 70 countries. The company currently employs more than 250 employees including Bahraini nationals. 

“We are pleased to be among the first establishments to benefit from the newly introduced support programs by Tamkeen which will contribute greatly to creating a major qualitative shift in the economy and human capital in the Kingdom,” said Yanal Anz, General Manager of Aramex Bahrain. “This partnership with Tamkeen will support our efforts and commitment to facilitating more career advancement opportunities for qualified Bahrainis across key departments in Aramex, including finance, human resources, transportation and customer service.” 

Tamkeens support to Aramex Bahrain is aligned with its 2024 strategic priorities focused on economic impact and the private sector under three pillars; increasing economic participation through new employment opportunities for new entrants, expanding career development opportunities available to the Bahraini workforce, and further developing the private sector by supporting enterprises and boosting productivity and the adoption of technology.