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Press Release.

In preparation for the launch of the new version of the business development program, Tamkeen has announced the suspension of applications as of 10 January 2022, until the gradual relaunch of the updated version in February 2022.

Applications for other programs including the training and employment support programs will remain open, and customers may continue to apply as usual during this period. 

In this regard, His Excellency Mr. Hussain Mohammed Rajab, Chief Executive of Tamkeen, confirmed that this is a step towards the launch of an enhanced and improved version of the business development program, stating that: “Since inception, Tamkeen has always been vigilant in keeping pace with the economic changes as well as developments in the labor market, and continuously developing targeted support programs and services to cater to the everchanging requirements of the private sector.” 

Mr. Rajab added: “We have witnessed significant changes in the market recently, and are determined to keep track of the long-term impact of these developments, in order to accordingly develop plans and programs designed to empower the economic contribution of private enterprises in the kingdom of Bahrain. This is also aimed at supporting the transformation of their business models to prioritize productivity, growth, competitiveness and innovation.” 

Moreover, Mr. Rajab highlighted Tamkeen’s collaboration with key players in the private sector from various economic sectors in addition to relevant partners and government entities in the development of these programs, which was achieved through a series of consultative sessions that took place over the past period. The key objective of these sessions was to ensure the inclusiveness and efficiency of the proposed support plans and their suitability for today’s market needs, and opportunities presented to market sectors, taking into consideration the priorities of the national economic recovery plan. 

Furthermore, Tamkeen has recently announced plans for a comprehensive transformation of all its programs and services with the ultimate aim of driving more impact towards performance, and productivity of private enterprises and increasing their participation in creating valuable job opportunities for Bahrainis, and empowering local talents to become the preferred choice for employment in the labor market.