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Tamkeen, Bahrain’s labor fund and one of the key pillars of support powering the kingdom’s burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem will host its annual Public Consultation Forum tomorrow (Dec 23, 2019).

The objective behind the forum is to provide all Tamkeen partners and customers with a platform wherein they can exchange ideas, discuss strategies for different Tamkeen programs and help create a mutually beneficial ecosystem that falls in line with the market’s dynamic requirements. 

The Gulf Hotel will be hosting the forum and is expected to be attended by leading business leaders, government officials, policymakers, and entrepreneurs. Among other things, the forum will also focus on how to fine-tune Tamkeen’s services so they can further contribute to the national economy, in addition to boosting the productivity of the Kingdom’s workforce and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Participants and attendees can expect to witness detailed accounts of customer achievements, as well as Tamkeen’s rather successful track record of assisting individuals and enterprises to reach their full potential.

Worth noting that the forum this year will be the final year when Tamkeen will be focusing on scaling up and enhancing the initiatives rolled out during the first two years of its 2020 strategy. The third year will be dedicated primarily to sustainability.

Those of you interested in joining the event, here’s the link to the official registration form for Tamkeen’s annual Public Consultation Forum 2019.