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The Labor Fund ‘Tamkeen‘ confirmed that the work is being carried out urgently to complete the review and evaluation of all requests received since the announcement of the launch of the Business Continuity Support Program in April this year.

Dr. Ebrahim Mohamed Janahi, CEO of the Labor Fund ‘Tamkeen’, said that the program was launched with a budget of 40 million BHD, in order to support the institutions most affected by the effects of the COVID-19 virus, which places Tamkeen with a great responsibility in guaranteeing that the support reaches its beneficiaries.

All of which is done by focusing on evaluating the requests in accordance to the pre-determined mechanisms, and measuring the extent of each institution’s impact according to its size and its commercial activity, taking into account all the data and documents provided by the institution to demonstrate this impact.

With regards to the process of obtaining approval or not, Dr. Janahi noted that Tamkeen worked to evaluate all the requests and issue the necessary approval, explaining that the rejected requests are mostly due to the failure of the criteria and requirements for the program to apply, or the insufficiency of the submitted documents to provide evidence of the damaged impact on the institution due to the current circumstances.

Dr. Janahi assured that the room is open to these requests to provide more supporting documents proving their impact, and that Tamkeen’s team will review them to study their eligibility for support. He further added that these procedures come from Tamkeen’s commitment to take accountability of this responsibility and deliver it to its beneficiaries and verify the optimal utilization of this support, which comes as part of the government support package provided by the Kingdom of Bahrain to reduce the effects of the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Janahi added that Tamkeen worked on allowing the largest possible number of institutions to submit their requests in two periods. In addition, an opportunity was given to institutions that did not complete all documents in the specified time, or it was found that there was a lack of supporting documents during the evaluation process, by reviewing their requests and submitting them again through the program’s dedicated portal.

It’s noteworthy that Tamkeen has announced the launch of the Business Continuity Support Program, which provides grants to small and micro enterprises most affected by the repercussions of the current period, to help them pay their operating expenses.