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Tamkeen’s immense contribution to the Bahraini startup ecosystem won global recognition last week at the World Congress WBAF 2020 held in Turkey. 

Tamkeen, which has been relentlessly uplifting the spirit of entrepreneurship in the Kingdom, won the “Best Governmental Agency of the Middle East Supporting Entrepreneurship” award at the prestigious event.

The award ceremony saw participation by government organizations from across the region. 

Tamkeen was handpicked among all participants because of its role and efforts within the startup and entrepreneurship sector encompassing a wide range of programs and services that have over the year helped the Kingdom improve its socio-economic status. 

Speaking on the significance of the award, Dr. Ebrahim Janahi, the Chief Executive of Tamkeen, noted: “This is one of the most prominent international awards hosted by the World Congress where more than 1500 participants from all around the world attend this event to discuss the most important and recent topics around global economic developments in addition to investment opportunities and how to strengthen the development of sustainable global economies.”

For those out of the loop, the World Congress WBAF is deemed one of the most important global platforms for early and post-early stage equity and capital markets. Among other perks, it offers a unique opportunity for executives of private equity funds, wealth management institutions, banks, incubation centers, investment platforms, science and tech parks, municipalities, chambers of commerce, and other industry bodies to enter mutually-beneficial global networks.