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Tarabut Gateway, the FinTech platform that prides itself as the largest Open Banking services provider in MENA, is launching a new initiative called “TG Hub.” The company says it is an attempt to “give back and empower the community” in the wake of the socioeconomic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown. 

The company stated that the new initiative is in line with Tarabut Gateway’s broader objective of nurturing an inclusive financial culture in Bahrain and beyond. 

Being a special gift to the community, TG Hub will be free to access for all. It is basically a virtual comprehensive platform tailored to fit the requirements of both individuals and enterprises.

TG  Hub will consist of three separate programs, each designed to spread educational awareness and community engagement. The hub will offer easily accessible e-programs featuring insightful and concise learning videos. 

To make it even more exciting, local and regional entrepreneurs will present these educational content and share their insights and perspective to support budding entrepreneurs and startup owners to better equip themselves in these trying times. The program will also give university students an opportunity to enroll for a one-month long virtual internship program in the FinTech domain.

Last but not least, TG Hub will also have special online Office Hours, which are basically consultation sessions by TG’s internal team of seasonal experts. 

Speaking about the impact of the initiative on Bahrain’s startup ecosystem and professional community, Abdulla Almoayed – CEO & Founder of Tarabut Gateway, noted: “This is our time to shift our resources to help others become adaptable, and to consume content that will help them continue, to do more.”

He added: “Now is the time to take advantage of digital technologies when it comes to learning, awareness, and engagement. Creating relationships online can be quite limitless, and that’s the silver lining of this challenging time – we will experience that together via all our initiatives as a country.”