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Tarabut Gateway, Bahrain’s first and largest regulated open banking platform, is hosting a panel discussion titled:‘Girl Code: Closing the Gender Gap in Tech’  on September 2nd  at 4pm GMT +3. 

The purpose of the virtual event is to address the gender disparity in the tech sector, which has been historically tilted against women all over the world. The decision to host the discussion was taken after only 16 female applicants showed interest in becoming a part of the company’s technology department in the past few months.

Considering that Tarabut has been in a hiring spree of late to scale their in-house technology unit, 16 is a ridiculously small number relative to the total number of applications the company has received so far.

The panel, to be moderated by Abdulla Almoayed, CEO & Founder of Tarabut Gateway, will get together to brainstorm over the pressing challenges that make it difficult for females to have a balanced representation in tech-based roles. 

The panelists include Raja Al Mazrouei, Executive Vice President, DIFC- FinTech Hive; Dalal Buhejji, Director of Business Development and Financial services at Bahrain EDB; Hassan Sheikh, Head of marketing & Business Development at SmartCrowd & Co-founder of sempro; and Dr Sana AlFarid, Co-founder & CEO of Munfarid, VRXOne, Mulhimat & TelecommuteX.

Sign up here to join the event on September 2nd  at 4pm GMT +3.