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Tarabut Gateway, the platform that’s often touted as MENA’s largest Open Banking network, is launching a mega-series of six Open Banking Interactive Workshops. Each workshop will be specifically targeted towards consumers, banks, and FinTechs. 

The first workshop will be organized at the beginning of Match in Tarabut headquarters and it will be called “Open Banking for Beginners.” This workshop will be open to the public.

Overall, this new initiative is designed to reinforce the ongoing national campaign to foster an inclusive financial culture in Bahrain. 

On top of creating simple and easy-to-understand quality content and the distribution of financial knowledge, the initiative will also facilitate a database of consumers interested in financial and FinTech education. The workshops will continue through to Aug 2020.

“We want to demystify the concept of Open Banking and make it relatable to the users. Banks should shape products around people, rather than expect consumers to shape themselves around their products,” said Abdulla Almoayed, CEO & Founder at Tarabut Gateway.

Almoayed noted that consumers these days are continuously on the lookout for easy ways to gain in-depth insights into their financial information, further adding:

“This is about creating the future of finance and money management and including customers helps us understand their needs whilst getting them excited about the power of what open banking can achieve ”