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Tarjama, the Middle East’s leading Language Service Provider, has raised $5 million in Series A funding round led by Saudi based Anova Investments.

The series A funding round will give Tarjama the opportunities to launch its specialized Arabic machine translation engine which will employ artificial intelligence along with other technology products related to the translation and content industry.

The funding will give Tarjama the chance to improve and boost their technology platforms, which will focus on Arabic content and translation services, including the Ureed Platform, the region’s first translation-dedicated online marketplace.

Tarjama was founded by Nour Alhassan in 2008, has a presence in eight countries, and has translated over 500 million words. Tarjama offers translation services in over 150 languages and employs over 130 full-time translators at its branches in KSA, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and the United States.

“We are very excited about the possibilities this funding round brings to Tarjama encompassing core service offerings and equally technology platforms. The strategic partnership with Anova will further strengthen Tarjama’s ability to expand and support its offerings in all markets, especially in the Saudi market. We are confident this partnership will further consolidate Tarjama’s position as the leading service and technology provider trusted by customers in the region and across the globe”, said Nour Alhassan, Tarjama CEO.

“Tarjama took the translation industry from a traditional business model to a highly advanced technologically driven platform featuring accuracy, speed, and flexibility, all key ingredients in today’s business environment. As Tarjama strengthens its presence in the Saudi market, Anova Investments will support this important phase to accelerate Tarjama’s growth said Eng. Nouf Aljeraiwi, Executive Director – Anova Investments”