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Zoho Corporation, a leading Indian global technology firm, has announced plans to invest approximately half a billion Saudi riyals ($133 million) in Saudi Arabia.

The investment aims to fuel the development of digital infrastructure and forge strategic partnerships with government entities in the kingdom, according to a statement released by Zoho on Monday.

“Contributing to the Saudi Vision 2030, Zoho Corp will be investing a total of about SAR 500 million ($133 million),” the statement affirmed. Simultaneously, Zoho inaugurated its first two Middle East data centers in Saudi Arabia, located in Jeddah and Riyadh, which are now fully operational.

Headquartered in Chennai, India, Zoho specializes in offering cloud-based business applications and serves as the parent company for tech brands like ManageEngine,, TrainerCentrel, and Qntrl.

Through ManageEngine, Zoho has been instrumental in managing and optimizing the IT infrastructure of over 2,000 Saudi organizations spanning both government and private sectors. Additionally, the company has forged a strategic partnership with Monsha’at, the SME authority in Saudi Arabia, to further bolster its presence and support local businesses in the kingdom.