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Trukkin, the 2017-founded startup that prides itself as a leading techno-logistics platform in the region, has raised more than $3.5 million in its recent funding round. The investment came from a number of entities including the Al-Namlah Family Group, the Abanumay Family Group, and Al-Madi Family Group.

A significant chunk of the $3.5M came from Batic Investments and Logistics, which has been one of the driving forces backing Trukkin since its launch.

For those unfamiliar with Trukkin, the company aims to harness technology and innovations to revolutionize the realm of logistics and land transportation. Based in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, it currently operates throughout the GCC region and beyond.

Trukkin’s growing footprint as a new-age techno-logistics company was applauded by investor Al-Madi who said they had been monitoring the sector for several months before making the investment, further adding: “Their team is very focused on the ground and has shown their operational prowess. We believe we can further add significant capabilities to Trukkin with our investment.”

Meanwhile, speaking on the company’s business model, Trukkin Founder and Chief Executive Officer Janardan Dalmia noted: “Trukkin operates on an ‘asset-light’ model, meaning it doesn’t own the trucks. Our focus on overall service lets us improve both the customer and transporter experience and also increase asset utilization and reduce inefficiencies.”

As of today, Trukkin has shipped to more than 200 unique locations across the region. The company now plans on further scaling its fleet strength and technology infrastructure with the newly raised capital.