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TechStars is organizing an exceptional event in Bahrain that is sure to serve as a stepping stone for many aspiring entrepreneurs to act on their unique, innovative ideas for a startup. Spanning 54 hours, the event is backed by Google, and it primarily targets startup enthusiasts, business managers, graphics designers, and developers across the Kingdom and beyond.

Aptly monikered Startup Weekend, the primary objective of the event is to motivate participants to come up with concrete strategies and turn their vision for new, successful businesses into reality.

So if you are an entrepreneur or someone with a business idea looking for your “BIG BREAK,” this forthcoming makes the proverbial “golden opportunity” for you. That’s because Techstars, as you might already know, has a history of helping out promising startups to evolve into big international brands. Case in point: Uber, Easy Taxi, and Classpass, to name a few.

According to an internal assessment by Techstars, the turnout at Startup Weekend usually consists 50 percent of professionals with a technical background (e.g., coders, designers, etc.) whereas the other 50 percent includes people from business and marketing disciplines.