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Tenmou, the company that prides itself as Bahrain’s first Business Angels platform, recently teamed up with food-vertical accelerator Savour Ventures to host an event. Their venue of choice was Space 340, a co-working space with a popular coffee hangout.

The event was launched with a Scouting Tour designed to enable up-and-coming food-vertical startups in the Kingdom to sign up for Savour’s forthcoming program, set to go live in Autumn 2018.

Nawaf Al Kooheji, Chief Executive Officer of Tenmou, underlined the significance of this new initiative by saying: “The Food and Beverage industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Middle East and is heavily dependent on F&B imports, this increasingly dynamic sector is witnessing a steady growth in demand. Our efforts are sharply focused on continuing to encourage creativity in the food sector, in addition to helping startups expand by supplying entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and support.”

Nawaf added, that Tenmou was looking forward to welcoming more Bahrainis into Savour’s program, which has so far done a pretty neat job by achieving encouraging outcomes that other founders take years to accomplish.

The program aims to help out entrepreneurs find the right product or niche in the market, while simultaneously assisting them to scale their businesses.