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Evergo, the startup that prides itself as a one-stop app for all your lifestyle requirements, has raised an undisclosed amount from Tenmou in a seed round. 

In a conversation with StartUpBahrain, Tenmou stated that the decision to invest in the startup was driven by Evergo’s rich potential as a one-of-a-kind product in the region. 

“It also has high potential in introducing different services that will provide more holistic user experience,” Khalifa Al-Mannai, Evergo’s founder, added. 

For those out of the loop, Evergo’s online platform enables users to schedule and book appointments, call-backs, and all kinds of sessions with businesses across multiple sectors. The booking feature is available for both in-person and online appointments.

“This investment means that Evergo is a product that now has a collective vision,” the company said, further adding that the yield from the seed round will help Evergo expand its marketing budget and take the product to all target markets.

Evergo also made a series of improvisations to improve efficiency and adjust to the changing market dynamics in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Khalifa Al-Mannai told StartUpBahrain: “Until Mid April Evergo’s primary function was to book physical appointments across multiple sectors. Due to the unexpected circumstances, the world was facing we decided to think out of the box and instead on finding a way to be able to continue to cater to the market’s needs.”

Besides temporarily withdrew all bookings to all physical locations and started working on adding new features to the app to serve users better against the backdrop of the lockdown. 

“As Evergo has a full in house team we managed, in the span of only 4 weeks to deploy video servers hosted locally on AWS and build a workflow around the application. Allowing our vendors and staff to create sessions, set the number of seats and prices, and publish it on evergo for live sessions that take place online,” Khalifa explained. 

Evergo’s experiments with new features and services will likely continue in the post-coronavirus market. However, Tenmou’s CEO Nawaf Al-Koheji is optimistic that with the new investment from the region’s leading Business Angels Company, Evergo is now in a much stronger position to expand its presence in all target markets quicker. 

“We are very excited to have Evergo and Khalifa in our Tenmou family, we have great faith in the team and think that the investment will enable Evergo to go to market faster and offer a product that gives vendors more control of the customer journey and expand their customer relationships”, Nawaf shared.