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Tenmou recently advanced the pilot batch of its Angel Investors Education Program with the support of Tamkeen, which was held over two days on the 28th and 29th October. The holistic Program was developed in partnership with Business Angel Institute, an independent Austrian-based international research and education initiative seeking to foster the development of business angels. The first batch successfully trained 10 investors from local family offices as well as the Kingdom’s private and government sectors, and the next batch which will be launched in 2020 plans to train an additional 20 investors. 

The Angel Investors Education Program was launched with the aim of bridging the gap in early-stage investment present in the local ecosystem, while providing new investors with a toolbox of guiding practices for future investments, in order to create a substantial angel investors network that can support the growth of the Kingdom’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

With a specific focus on technology based start-ups, the Program was developed to contain various topics in the realm of financing; including the financing universe, investment process, deal management, raising additional capital as well as multi sector due diligence and valuation approaches. In addition, the Program comprised requisite skills such as the art of negotiation, putting forward critical improvement approaches in terms of business models, team management, and strategy formation.

Chief Executive of Tamkeen, Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, commented, “One of our key strategies at Tamkeen as we approach 2020 has been to expand the training initiatives available, seeking to provide internationally certified training programs to train a greater number of Bahrainis across multiple sectors in order to transform into innovative leaders in their industry and help ensure a more solid future business outlook as they work building long-term commercial resilience and sustainability. In this manner, we are contributing to creating a more stable ecosystem and a more resilient national economy by continuing long-term efforts at diversifying one of the Kingdom’s key economic sectors.”

“Ever since we launched Tenmou, we have always had the overarching goal of building the Bahraini start-up ecosystem and enabling local start-ups to compete on a regional and global level through launching various initiatives. As part of our new strategy we are seeking to widen our investor network and provide more funding opportunities and deal flows within the local market. Through this Angel Investors Education Program, each participating investor commits to investing a minimum of BD 10,000 within the upcoming year, undergoing aggressive training in a multitude of topics that were carefully chosen in order to further develop the necessary skill-set and knowledge required,”  revealed Mr. Nawaf Al Koheji, Chief Executive Officer of Tenmou.

For additional inquiries on the Tenmou’s next Angel Investors Education Program email Tenmou on