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Tenmou, the first Business Angels company in Bahrain, has joined forces with the Ministry of Investment in Saudi to bring new opportunities for the Kingdom’s homegrown startup community.

As per this new strategic partnership, all Bahraini startups in Tenmou’s portfolio will now receive assistance at an official level while branching out to Saudi Arabia. More specifically, the Ministry of Investment will offer all necessary support under the Angel scheme to help these startups during their incorporation.

With the MoU between the two entities already inked, Tenmou portfolio startups will now have it a lot easier to secure a Saudi commercial registration (CR), set up all paper and legal work, among other perks.

The new initiative from Tenmou comes as an extension to its broader objective of providing all portfolio startups with a wholesome experience while simultaneously empowering them to scale and grow out of the Kingdom.

Oh and by the way, even your startup can become a part of the Tenmou family. As StartUp Bahrain covered earlier last year, Tenmou’s new strategies are primarily focused on investing in scalable startups.

To apply for funding from Tenmou, go to Tenmou’s website and apply by clicking at “Apply now” to get funded!