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The Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) launches a new digital service that provides its users with the ability to streamline administrative and financial services, in addition to reducing the waiting time in line at the EWA centers.

A statement read that “the launch of the new service is in line with the government’s keenness to promote green policies and achieve sustainable development goals.”This electronic-service came to maturity through the cooperation of Bahraini tech startup, Skiplino Technologies, the cloud-based queuing management system, lead by co-founder and CEO Zaman AH. Zaman.

Additionally, Zaman expressed that he is delighted “to have the Electricity and Water Authority on board Skiplino.” Stating that the service “Will dramatically enhance and better” the process all the while “reducing the waiting times significantly.”

He also feels that this service will “provide the Electricity and Water Authority with valuable insights on how EWA customers interact with agents.”