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Press Release.

The Family Office, the leading wealth manager in the GCC, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Playbook, a transformative platform for women, to help equip female entrepreneurs and professionals with the confidence and financial skills needed to thrive in the economy.

As part of its mission to advance career growth and financial security for women in the region, The Family Office partnered with Playbook as the Gold Sponsor of the flagship event series in Dubai and Riyadh. Through this collaboration, the company plays an important role in ensuring that women have the opportunity to thrive financially, by empowering them to achieve financial independence and create a secure future for themselves.

This collaboration also aims to accelerate the growth and success of women in the region, regardless of their background or profession, as well as grant them the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and knowledge related to financial management, long-term planning, and wealth accumulation.

It’s worth noting that The Family Office has been an avid supporter of the empowerment of women in the financial industry as a sponsor in various initiatives targeting women in the region. The company also supports the youth generally and females particularly through its “Young Professionals” program, inviting fresh graduates to enter the business world and be trained in various departments of the company. Female enrolment in The Family Office Academy, a digital learning platform, was twice that of males.