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The first batch of Entrepreneurship Camp, an integrated training program on entrepreneurship by the Institute of Ebdaa Hub, wrapped up successfully last week.

The program included 27 Bahraini entrepreneurs participating in a wide range of training activities over a course of 10 days. Following the completion of the training module, the participants had to pass an examination that earned them a professional certification from the British Center for Enterprise Management and Entrepreneurship.

The program focuses on various aspects of starting and nurturing a business including the skills and know-how of launching private projects. Other key areas it touches upon include overcoming challenges during the implementation of the best global management standards.

Now that the first batch is over, the program will move on to the next as it aims to train 300 Bahraini entrepreneurs and professionals by the end of 2018.

The Entrepreneurship Camp is in line with national efforts to stimulate entrepreneurship in Bahrain, encourage entrepreneurship, create jobs, reduce import bills and diversify national economy,” stated Khalil Al-Qahri, CEO of Ebdaa Hub.

“Through this camp, we aim to provide a shared space between the gathering of entrepreneurs where they showcase the opportunities and challenges, which will contribute to the exchange of practical knowledge among them and benefit from their experiences,” Al-Qahri added.

Al-Qahri also stated that the Kingdom has a lot to offer to up-and-coming businesses, more so now than ever as the government is working on a comprehensive national plan to boost the domestic SME sector that forms the backbone of the economy.