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Hey Music, a startup founded by two “hands-on” entrepreneurs who wish to remain anonymous, has embarked on a rather ambitious mission of establishing itself as a go-to destination for musicians and other creatives to share their work and collaborate with one another. The company aspires to have its global music, technology, and social ecosystem, and to help achieve that goal, and it has launched a new file transfer service called Hey Ants.

Hey Ants is available as a freemium app. Users can transfer up to 2GB of files for free, but to remove that data cap and transfer practically unlimited amounts of data, they have to subscribe to a paid plan that costs $9.99. Supported file types include images, videos, music, and PDF documents.

The services also allow users to send password-protected URL links or emails. Additionally, they can set a duration for which the download link will remain valid. Users are notified every time a file is successfully sent, and when the recipient downloads it.

When asked why the company chose to invest on yet another data transfer app while there are plenty of similar apps already out there, Hey Music responds that the market is big enough to accommodate one more quality alternative to the existing platforms. Moreover, Hey Ants have an Arabic user interface, which makes it more appealing to a large section of the Middle East’s population.