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After an exciting run spanning for three-months, the Theemar Business Idea Competition (TBIC) finally came to an end on May 12, 2018. The final event of the competition was held at the AZM Educational Campus where the three winners were announced.

Team IngREADients from the Lebanese University won the first prize ($4,500). Their mobile app that enables users to assess the ingredients of any food item based on personal health profile was widely appreciated as a promising innovation that could help improve many lives.

The second prize ($3,500) went to team Leb E-Guide from the City University. They made a handy mobile app that provides detailed information about Lebanon’s renowned tourist destinations, hotels, events, transportation, guides, and organized tours.

Team Lucy representing Beirut Arab University stood third in the competition owing to their innovative health device that tracks the heart rate and temperature of infants and toddlers. The data collected by the device can be viewed in real-time on a mobile phone, enabling parents to take better care of their sick child.

A total of 10 universities from North Lebanon participated in TBIC, a competition designed to provide young university students with a platform to start their entrepreneurial journey. Additionally, the competition also empowers early-stage businesses to turn their ideas and innovations into reality.

Speaking along those lines to emphasize the greater good competitions like TBIC are serving, MP Nicolas Nahhas, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Theemar Tripoli Investment Fund. said, “It is our duty to work together to develop the business environment in Tripoli by improving its economic and legal infrastructure.”