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Batelco has just announced the launch of Batelco Gulf Network (BGN), a brand new transnational cable system designed to serve as an additional option for high-quality regional and international connectivity for the GCC nations. Among other objectives, the BGN is also expected to complement the Bahraini government’s ongoing effort to protect the Kingdom as a regional hub for ICT and data movement in the Middle East and North Africa.

The BGN network deploys state-of-the-art Optical Transport Network (OTN) to ensure that the demand for high bandwidth over long durations is met with the utmost efficiency. According to the company, the network is capable of catering to all kinds of needs of international services with an intense speed of up to 8.8 Tbps or higher!

Commenting on the new initiative, Batelco Bahrain Chief Executive Mohamed Bubashait said that the company’s strategic objective of an advanced and world-class connectivity infrastructure is in tune with the vision and aspiration of the Kingdom to establish itself as the hotbed for ICT innovation.

Additionally, the BGN also brings a new option for the region’s customers to take advantage of a reliable international connectivity at a relatively affordable price.

“Batelco chose to invest in the BGN as a fully owned and operated international fiber optic cable system, thus providing the country and region with a new state-of-the-art cable system that will enable meeting the growing demand for data services and applications,” Bubashait said.