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Cambridge IF Analytica, a UK-based Islamic finance strategic intelligence firm has crowned Al Salam Bank-Bahrain with the ”Critics’ Choice—The Best Islamic Retail Bank in Bahrain” Award within the Islamic Retail Banking Awards (IRBA). The IRBA Awards are the first of its kind Islamic banking awards praising the excellence, professionalism, and best practices in Islamic Retail Banking. The prestigious award was given to the Head of the Retail Banking division at the 3rd Islamic Retail Banking Awards 2017 ceremony in Dubai.

Mr. Anwar Murad, Deputy Group CEO of Banking at Al Salam Bank was honored by the award, and said it was an appraisal of the team’s hard work and dedication. He also confirmed that Al Salam Bank would continue to excel in its duties to offer top-notch expert and innovative services to its growing number of clients.

Anwar Murad also expressed his gratitude to the shareholders for their continuous support and trust in the bank’s management team. He also valued the long-term efforts of all the bank employees to make the financial institution one of the leading sharia-compliant banks in Bahrain.

”The Best Islamic Retail Bank in Bahrain” Award is not the first award the bank had received so far. During the International Real Estate Financing Summit-Middle East 2009, it received the Award of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement in Islamic Retail Estate Product Innovation” for the Milton Gate acquisition, a historical building in the heart of the London’s financial district. Besides that, the Al-Salam Bank also received the ”Best Villa Development” Award during the first South East Asia Property Awards in 2011 in Malaysia.