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UAE-based FinTech payments company Monami Tech has rolled out a new digital service called Lendme, where financial institutions can offer instant loans.

According to Monami Tech, Lendme introduces an effortless way to consider loan applications. The app submits and reviews loan applications in real-time and grants immediate approval if the applicant meets all the eligibility criteria. Needless to say, the platform further strengthens the ability of financial institutions to serve their customers with a high degree of efficiency, without any unwarranted delays.

In addition to that, it also offers customizable white label solutions and a built-in mechanism for e-submission, merchant integration, digital validation, as well as ID automation.

The app will allow customers apply for loans using their mobile devices and receive an instant approval or denial (depending on whether or not they meet the eligibility criteria) without any delay whatsoever.

Brian Quarrie, Chief Executive of Monami Tech said: “Financial solutions have to be more responsive than ever to accommodate clients’ busy schedules. With the current market research, we find that the major gap is in disbursing loans with a great deal of convenience and security. Lending has to be made easier.”

Adding, “With our wealth of experience helping financial institutions smoothly transition into this digital era, we have no doubt that an innovative solution like Lendme will be embraced in this region, leading to greater efficiency, reduced operational costs and a more satisfying customer experience.”