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With the Arab world increasingly turning to its startup ecosystems to further boost the region’s economic development, Saudi Arabia is leaving no stones unturned to lead from the front along with its neighbor Bahrain. Both countries are teeming with a seemingly endless pool of talent, creativity, and a knack for tech-driven innovative solutions.

Saudis are aggressively pursuing the key objectives of Vision 2030, an initiative led by H.R.H Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to support promising entrepreneurs and startups in the country to thrive and compete in the global arena. And as you would imagine, with the full backing of the government and the private sector, the results are already showing.

Here are three promising Saudi startups that underline the country’s big strides toward becoming a major startup and innovation hub in the region.


YouPositive is an electronic platform launched by Zahra Al-Mohanna that lets users connect with qualified and experienced life coaches and counselors. The company promises an affordable and efficient counseling platform for people who seek help, but without blowing the cover of anonymity.

A typical YouPositive session lasts for an hour, and the client is charged depending on the type of treatment they require and the life-coach they choose. People can seek help for a diverse range of issues including career, relationship, parenting, and so on.

Additionally, YouPositive also serves as a launchpad for counselors and life coaches who are yet to develop a significant online presence.


As an emerging startup itself, Vibes is on a sweet spot to understand the difference co-working spaces can make in the life of many up-and-coming entrepreneurs. At a time when the popularity of co-working spaces is skyrocketing throughout the world, Vibes aims to give the local Saudi businesses a taste of this recently developed and fast-developing concept.

The company has an activities calendar that enables it to cater to all its clients. Among other responsibilities, it also organizes frequent events, training sessions, and workshops to assist members network and connect with the right people.


Cura is the first healthcare application in the Middle East that enables users to get in touch directly with certified, and qualified doctors about medical cases before going to the hospital was created by Wael Kabli and Mohammad Zekrallah. Users can use photos, videos and audio recordings to show their condition to their doctor of choice.

The Cura app creates a bridge between patients and doctors through secure conversations and follow-up consultations.

“The idea for Cura formed around 2015 when my daughter needed to see a doctor around dusk for her ears. Of course, you can’t find any doctors around that time, and the nearest appointment would be during working hours. I decided to find a solution that makes doctors more accessible.” Says Wael Kabli