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Mumbai, one of India’s hotbed for entrepreneurial success, has seen the rise of countless startups over the years. And a significant proportion of the startups in the region that make it big are affiliated with TiE Mumbai one way or the other.

TiE Mumbai promotes, mentors, and provides funding to emerging businesses from the Greater Mumbai region. Having successfully represented more than 2,500 startups across the region, TiE Mumbai has now joined forces with Bahrain’s Economic Development Board (EDB) to provide Mumbai startups access to knowledge, markets, funds and talent in the Kingdom.

“We are pleased to collaborate with TiE once again on an engaging and informative event that will help bring the startup ecosystems in India and Bahrain even closer together. Bahrain and India have deeply embedded commercial, trade and cultural ties, which date back centuries, and today this relationship goes from strength to strength,” said Simon Galpin, Managing Director, EDB, on TiE Mumbai’s new collaboration with the Kingdom.

So why did TiE Mumbai choose Bahrain as an ideal destination for the startups it represents?

Well, for a multitude of factors. But most importantly, that decision has a lot to do with the Kingdom’s reputation as one of the friendliest countries in the Middle East for emerging businesses. Moreover, Bahrain itself has a pretty vibrant startup ecosystem going on its home turf, which is why it is perfectly poised to accommodate growth opportunities for international startups as well.

Because of these reasons, Bahrain has traditionally been a test-bed market for many Indian startups because of its pro-business environment and access to untapped opportunities in GCC member states.