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So in case you haven’t noticed, the female entrepreneur community in Bahrain is undergoing new highs with veterans like Abeer Al-Matooq (Thrive Coaching Consultancy), Afnan Al Zayani (Al Zayani Commercial Services), and Wafa Al Obaidat (Obai and Hill, Barrel and Drum, and Sukkar) showing the way forward. The startup ecosystem in the Kingdom is also witnessing increasingly greater participation by women, which is prompting the government and the private sector to take more steps to further boost this encouraging trend.

In another such high-point for the community, FinMark Communications has joined forces with Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) to launch “The Women’s Professional Leadership Initiative 2018.” For starters, this is a multidimensional program that provides female entrepreneurs and professionals all the tools and resources needed to unlock their leadership potential.

Among other perks, the initiative is expected to help raise a new generation of women capable of pursuing senior roles across industries and organizations.

The program is designed such that it includes several development pillars that will be separately addressed throughout the year. These include training modules, mentorship opportunities, networking events and more.

“As an extension to our activities and deep commitment to supporting women’s professional development, we are delighted to announce our Strategic Partnership with “The Women’s Professional Leadership Initiative 2018”. Its planned programmes and approach complement our existing strategy and allow us to lend BisB’s experience in empowering women to the broader community and female professionals both in our industry and others,” said Hassan Jarrar, the Chief Executive Officer in BisB, while complimenting the new initiative by FinMark Communications

“The Women’s Professional Leadership Initiative 2018”, will kick off in April and run through the year. The program will wrap up at the end of the year with a high-level regional forum aimed at addressing the various challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for women in leadership positions.