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The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) has introduced ‘SBAR’, a new app to enhance the innovation among nurses and improve the local electronic healthcare services.

The primary goal of the SBAR app is to prevent emergency room nurses from taking notes about patients condition manually and reduce the possibility of human error. In addition to time-saving, it will also allow nurses to spend more time on patient care.

Mubaraka Ibrahim, the director of Health Information Systems Department at the MOHAP, explained the new app decreased the risk of human error to the minimum. In addition to that, it also promoted the electronic documentation and digital administrative processing. The MOHAP estimated that the new feature would decrease the direct intervention with patients by 75 percent. As a result, there would be time for additional 556,500 hours per year with patients without any extra staff. In other words, it means providing more than 2,000 hours of nursing services, allowing the nurses to spend more time with their patients.

According to Awadh Seghayer Al Ketbi, the assistant undersecretary for support services at the MOHAP, the implementation of the new app demonstrates the strong will of MOHAP to exceed patients’ expectations and invest in a smart and efficient healthcare system for a new generation. Besides other advantages, the new app would also improve the communication between healthcare professionals, and would also add to the automation of electronic processes. MOHAP would continue utilizing the full capabilities of Wareed which aims to link all clinical, operational, and administrative data within one system

One of the latest developments in this direction was the recent launch of a ”Smart Electronic Patient Portal.” The multilingual website offers individuals access to their health files and sends the information directly to MOHAP’s health care providers.