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Abu Dhabi-based GAM3S.GG, formerly known as Polkastarter Gaming, has successfully concluded a $2 million seed funding round, signaling a pivotal moment in the world of web3 gaming. Mechanism Capital, a renowned venture capital firm, led the investment with several major venture and angel investors.

The seed funding round coincided with a strategic rebranding effort, repositioning GAM3S.GG to better reflect its ambitious vision. Noteworthy names to the investment round include Polygon, Double Peak, ArkStream Capital, LD Capital, and ROK Capital, alongside various angel investors with expertise in the web3 gaming landscape.

The freshly acquired capital is set to turbocharge the growth of GAM3S.GG, now dubbed the “IGN for web3” by industry insiders. Since its November 2022 launch, the platform has already established itself as the premiere web3 gaming hub, offering a curated selection of web3 gaming content. With over 200 games across 15 blockchain chains and a staggering 60,000+ registered gamers, GAM3S.GG is redefining the web3 gaming experience.

As prominent gaming industry giants delve into web3 gaming throughout 2023, GAM3S.GG’s emergence takes on enhanced significance. With its extensive collection of curated web3 content, featuring over 200 games from 15 blockchain chains, the platform aims to cater to the surging wave of gamers entering the web3 space, providing a comprehensive destination for both seasoned and new gamers.

Omar Ghanem, Co-Founder & CEO at GAM3S.GG, underscored the platform’s role in filling a critical void in the industry. He noted, “The gaming industry is at a crossroads; while web3 offers new exciting possibilities, the lack of quality content and a singular destination for all your web3 gaming needs has left many gamers lost.”

GAM3S.GG’s overarching mission is to usher web3 gaming to 100 million users through its platform and content, solidifying its status as the trusted gateway for gamers venturing into the world of blockchain-powered games.

Sultan Al Riyami, Head of Gaming and eSports at AD Gaming, commended the platform’s role in Abu Dhabi’s web3 gaming hub, commenting: “The comprehensive web3 gaming ecosystem that they are building will stand them in good stead within a sector so intrinsically focused on community building and engagement, so we look forward to seeing their accelerated growth in Abu Dhabi.”  

As the web3 gaming industry continues to evolve, GAM3S.GG is ready to serve as the go-to portal for gamers seeking to explore the exciting possibilities of blockchain-powered games with comprehensive content and resources.