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The UAE Ministry of Economy‘s Entrepreneurial Nation initiative has partnered with Huawei Cloud to introduce the Huawei Cloud Startup Program, a game-changing initiative aimed at accelerating the UAE’s startup ecosystem. Eligible businesses will receive up to $150,000 in vouchers and unparalleled access to Huawei Cloud ecosystem resources to foster innovation and digitization.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups form the backbone of the UAE’s economy, making up an impressive 94% of all businesses in the country and employing over 86% of the private sector workforce. In Dubai alone, SMEs account for 95% of companies, contributing over 40% to its GDP. The Huawei Cloud Startup Program aims to provide essential support and leverage Huawei’s expertise in information and communications technology (ICT) and digitalization to nurture entrepreneurship and drive innovation.

The second phase of The Entrepreneurial Nation initiative, launched in October 2022, is a landmark national project devoted to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and supporting SMEs. Through the Huawei Cloud Startup Program, technology startups can overcome infrastructure challenges, gain access to cutting-edge technologies, and connect with Huawei’s extensive ecosystem, receiving technical support, mentorship, and market development opportunities.

Several startups have already thrived through the program. Egyptian startup Intella developed an Arabic voice-to-text transcription engine, while Bright, a Thai-based digital school management platform, witnessed remarkable growth through joint innovation opportunities.

Huawei Cloud is the world’s fastest-growing cloud services provider, offering over 200 products, 2,800 nodes, and a presence in more than 170 countries. As the UAE positions itself at the forefront of digital transformation, the Huawei Cloud Startup Program is set to empower entrepreneurs, ignite innovation, and shape a future of boundless possibilities in the region.