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Press Release.

Sarwa, a homegrown UAE leading investing platform, introduced a new identity that better reflects its renewed vision and its commitment to providing clients with a centralised tool for their money management. The reimagined brand persona represents a significant milestone in Sarwa’s growth, building upon its foundational success as the first robo-advisor in the region to a holistic one-stop shop money management tool.

Mark Chahwan, Co-Founder and CEO of Sarwa said, “We started Sarwa as just a robo-advisory firm. But it became very clear as we went on this journey that this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we can offer. For the longest time, our community’s investing needs have been segregated into different platforms. One for passive investing, one for buying stocks, one for buying crypto, and one for a cash account that earns interest. The team has worked very hard to deliver on this vision of building an app where you have all the different ways of putting your money to work, all in one place. Our new identity reflects that perfectly while maintaining our core principles: simplicity, innovation, accessibility, and transparency.” 

The new Sarwa brand is centered around the concept of an orbit—a path for celestial objects that are created and maintained by a gravitational center. The Sarwa app functions as a center for its clients’ money management needs.

“We recognise that we all want to have a unified, centralized view of how our money is doing. We also wanted to remind ourselves why we built Sarwa in the first place: for the young achievers, the ambitious, the forward-thinking, the builders in our community, so they can build for a better future,” added Mark Chahwan.