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Shorooq Partners, the UAE-based investment firm, has made its debut in Türkiye’s startup scene by leading a $5 million seed round for traveltech startup Roamless. This investment round included contributions from Turkish VCs Revo Capital, Paribu Ventures, and Finberg, alongside Luxembourg’s DeBa Ventures.

Roamless, an eSIM provider launched in 2023, aims to transform travel connectivity. With nearly 100,000 users, the company offers seamless internet in 69 countries, with plans to expand to over 150 countries soon.

“Roamless is poised to disrupt the traveltech industry,” stated Mahmoud Adi, Founding Partner of Shorooq Partners. “Roamless’s innovative approach to connectivity aligns with our vision of fostering transformative ventures that redefine traditional paradigms. This investment not only reflects our confidence in Roamless’s potential, but also underscores our commitment to nurturing the burgeoning tech ecosystem in Türkiye.”

Roamless CEO’s Emre Demirel expressed gratitude for the support, highlighting the company’s mission to drive digital transformation in telecom. “With this investment, we are poised to accelerate our mission of spearheading a digital transformation in the telecom industry, ushering in a new era of seamless connectivity for travelers worldwide.”

Revo Capital’s Cenk Bayrakdar emphasized the growth potential of eSIM technology, while Utku Dorduncu from Paribu Ventures praised Roamless’s strong team and advanced infrastructure.