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Press Release.

Udrive, the dedicated pay-per-minute car rental platform, has partnered with NaviPay, the digital parking platform, to provide Udrive users access to free exclusive parking facilities in key locations across the city. The partnership will contribute to convenient access to high-traffic areas across the city, promoting a digital, seamless and forward-thinking approach to increasing accessibility to areas that normally experience challenges with traffic and parking facilities. 

Udrive users can currently take advantage of free parking at NaviPay parking lots located at the Burjuman Metro Station and Business Bay area near the Marriott Marquis hotel, at 340 exclusive spaces. In Phase 2 an additional 40 spaces will be added to this roster with NaviPay parking lots at the Holiday Inn Express (Dubai Airport branch) and Mövenpick Hotel at Jumeirah Beach Residence.

In a market where an increased supply of vehicles has been Udrive’s primary focus for its avid customer base, the homegrown start-up is continuing to diversify its fleet and increase availability for car-sharing in the UAE through partnerships with homegrown SMEs like NaviPay. This partnership aligns with the Dubai 2040 Urban Plan’s bid to build a 20-minute city by reducing the strain of moving across the city and improving connectivity for passengers across the Emirates. The start-up stands at 1,000 cars in its fleet in the UAE with 380,000 registered users and a total of 2.4 million trips.

Udrive’s updated parking technology has opened up access to new parking facilities by integrating its vehicles with NaviPay’s digital parking facilities. Users need only approach the NaviPay parking lot barrier with a Udrive vehicle for automatic free entry and exit. The lots will appear in the Udrive application as interactive points of interest. Community members can click, scroll and book cars in the lot through the updated sleek design on the Udrive mobile app. The lots are currently expected to yield 20-30 per cent occupancy during rush hours, to reach 50 per cent by June.

Nicholas Watson, Co-Founder and CEO of Udrive said: “With more people moving toward fractionalized usage of products and services, we continue to develop our technology and vehicle range to suit community members from all walks of life. With each partnership, we aim to add value to our customers, while serving the UAE government’s vision. Seamless customer experience and convenience are at the core of our focus, we are excited to better connect high-traffic communities without the friction of searching for parking with NaviPay. The ability to approach, unlock and drive vehicles positioned throughout the city is a scope that we are continuously developing.” 

In the run-up to COP28, sustainability initiatives have taken a lead and car-sharing is an integral part of this. The reduction of greenhouse gasses is a core focus for Udrive, and the brand will soon roll out its electric vehicles. With each pay-per-minute car-sharing vehicle being utilized by up to 100 customers every month, this will progressively reduce the number of vehicles on the roads today.  

Marek Stawinski, Founder and CEO, NaviPay commented: “We are thrilled about our partnership with Udrive as it aligns with our strategy to transform parking lots into e-mobility hubs. Making NaviPay’s lots hotspots for Udrive customers will strengthen our positive impact to lower carbon emissions by enhancing the convenience of car sharing for residents and tourists to Dubai.”

Udrive has also launched brand new models in its fleet including the Suzuki Jimny, Toyota Corolla Cross, Dodge Charger and Jeep Wrangler to provide a diverse catalog for customers to choose a car that best suits their desires and needs. As accessibility and convenience for a growing community of families, young professionals and tourists are key, Udrive developing their product range helps to support a wider network of customers with specific mobility needs. Udrive users will be able to see which cars are available and reserve them depending on availability.

The industry is on track in terms of city, population and visitor growth to see car-sharing user penetration reach 3.6% this year and is forecast to progress to 4.6% by 2027.

To start using the service, commuters just need to download the app on Google Play, App Store or Huawei and register, or follow the instructions on the website