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Press Release.

Dotlas, a groundbreaking, bootstrapped UC Berkeley-Incubated startup led by Careem veterans, is excited to announce profitability with the imminent launch of the region’s first fully conversational SaaS-AI platform tailored to the retail industry. 

With their remarkable success in serving major F&B start-ups, this X-Careem engineering team is now expanding its offering to the retail sector. Today the team announces their new SaaS platform, catering specifically to the needs of retail SMEs. “Dotlas is poised to revolutionize the way retailers access and utilize data. Our mission is to make data accessible to all”, shares Nuno Amaral de Freitas, former Head of Analytics at Careem and Dotlas CEO. 

“In the Middle East, retail businesses face considerable challenges in accessing top-notch data, and our team discerned the escalating demand for insights amongst retailers,” explained Nuno. “At Careem, I saw firsthand the need to share insights with our merchants. Many did not have the capabilities to access vital information, limiting their growth potential.” 

Dotlas takes great pride in its exceptional suite of APIs, surpassing what is currently available in the market. With over 100 million data points, they provide unparalleled access to a wide range of information. Not only do they have comprehensive coverage of every single food and beverage retailer in the UAE and KSA, but their data also includes product catalogs, advertisements, social media trends, reviews, foot traffic, and more. Nuno further highlights the transformative power of immediate answers by sharing a recent success story.

“Just last week, we assisted one of our customers in effectively managing inflationary pressures on their menu. By substituting their avocado toast for feta cheese toast, they achieved an impressive 50% saving. All they had to do was ask what items caused the most significant price changes on their menu. This kind of actionable data truly makes a difference. No need for complex number crunching or SQL —just straightforward answers,” emphasizes Nuno. 

With no external funding, the company has profited in under a year since launching its first product. Moreover, they are projected to reach a run rate of 250K USD by December 2023. “While many start-ups rely on external funding, we charted a different path,” states Nuno. “We are proud to have achieved profitability on our own terms and believe in building a sustainable business.” 

Dotlas attributes its outstanding performance to its unwavering dedication to a customer-centric approach. “Our proximity to customers is what sets us apart, and we live by our mantra of delivering results that WOW,” states Eshwaran Venkat, CTO at Dotlas. “And because of this, our growth is largely driven by referrals.”

“We are a dynamic team of nine highly skilled professionals. We attract top-tier talent by harnessing the power of AI responsibly, as together we have a passion for solving problems that can positively impact the lives of millions,” says Eshwaran. 

Dotlas invites retail brands, distributors, and small and medium-sized retailers to be part of this transformative journey. Discover how the region’s first fully conversational AI platform can revolutionize your business by contacting Nuno at