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If you are in the real estate business or someone looking to buy/sell a property in Bahrain, the proptech app Estater is worth giving a look at. The company behind the app, also dubbed Estater, enjoys the backing of the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) as it launches operations in the Kingdom.

In a press release issued Apr 2, the EDB hailed Estater as “unique” and the first property technology company in Bahrain.

Just in case you’re yet to be familiar with the brand, Estater already has around 20% market share in Bahrain and Kuwait, in addition to the company’s thriving presence in India.

The EDB press release addressed the Estater app as a “revolutionary real estate technology concept.” And understandably so, given the fact that it brings along an intuitive platform for listing, finding, sharing, and managing real estate properties.

The app functions as an extension of Estater’s multipronged effort to serve real estate businesses by providing them with advisory, market intelligence based on sophisticated GIS mapping, and the access to investors and financiers.  

Among other things, the company’s debut in the Bahraini real estate market also underlines the rich investment potential it has to offer to new and existing players.

According to available data, the Kingdom received somewhere around 12 million visitors in 2018 alone, which indirectly added to the growth of an already burgeoning homegrown property market. And the fact that Bahrain is known for offering the lowest operating costs in the region (up to 30% less than other real estate markets throughout GCC) further adds to its charm as an investment destination for real estate businesses and property buyers.

“Estater is delighted to select Bahrain as a hub for its regional operations. A favorable business environment for international investors coupled with good regional connectivity makes Bahrain an ideal choice for us. The real estate value chain in the region is up for several exciting changes and we promise Estater will be one of the change agents,” said Mr. Sanjay Goyal, Managing Director of Estater, following the app’s launch in Bahrain.