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The University of Bahrain (UoB), one of the Middle East’s most prestigious educational institutions (ranked top 25), has just announced something remarkable for Bahraini students keen on expanding their horizon by learning new skills.

The premium university entered a partnership with the Google Developers Group (GDG) Manama to roll out a range of free training programs for students across the country. These courses, to be offered via UoB’s newly launched coding academy, are available for students from any university in the Kingdom and any study background.

The primary objective of this initiative is to help students familiarize themselves with emerging disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, Data Science, and Web Technologies. This is in line with the Kingdom’s growing emphasis on raising a future generation of a skilled workforce that can take the homegrown digital economy and technology sectors to new highs.  

Students who enroll in these programs will receive certificates upon successfully completing the curriculum. Interestingly, UoB has decided to issue these certificates using its proprietary blockchain technology, becoming one of the first universities globally to issue digital diplomas anchored in blockchain.

Speaking of the importance of training upcoming generations to be technologically proficient, UoB president Prof Riyad Hamzah said: “The only way forward in delivering the skilled workforce needed to lead the rise in the digital and entrepreneurial ecosystem is through collaboration and by thinking big.”

Prof. Hamzah added that the newly offered courses will benefit students on several fronts “by breaking down traditional learning barriers and encouraging multi-disciplinary learning.” Among other perks, he noted, the initiative will pave the way for a creative and innovation/technology-driven economy.

Founder of GDG Manama Lana Al-Attar told us: “This initiative had 3 forces of nature come together, Google Developer Group Manama, AIESEC Bahrain and The University of Bahrain. Together, we have delivered hands-on training in cutting edge technologies and provide the skills, tools, and resources for these students to go forth and build us a better tomorrow. I’m very excited to see how they shape our future with their experience.”