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It’s a proud moment for Egyptian payment gateway Vapulus as the company finds itself starred among the top-15 payment gateways worldwide. 

The news unfolded after Finance Online published its latest rankings featuring 74 of the top payment gateways from around the world. The list was exhaustive and included heavyweights such as Amazon Pay and PayPal, which further adds to the charm of Vapulus’ achievement.

Better still, the company now has the distinction of becoming the first Egyptian platform to have won that prominent rank. 

Going further into the details, Vapulus scored 8.9 out of 10, thus securing the 14th position in the rankings. 

Reacting to the achievement, Abdelrahman Elsharawy, co-founder and CEO of Vapulus, noted: “We’re so proud of being the 1st payment gateway of an Arab origin specifically from Egypt to achieve this rank in a 3rd party independent ranking. This success comes as a direct result of adopting a creative business model, built on carefully studying all variables of the market. We don’t wait for the future, we bring it for our partners of success, our clients!” 

The rankings were based on a rigorous review of a diverse range of factors including features, client reviews, and business models, just to name a few. Vapulus underwent the review process as an integrated FinTech platform for marketing management and e-payments.

“Our creative business model enabled us to achieve 38% quarter over quarter average growth by 2018, and 2019, as Vapulus is the only 0% fees payment gateway worldwide, we follow a float interest rate per night, multi revenue stream, and forex arbitrage model in generating revenues, which made it very attractive for merchants” Elsharawy added.