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The first public lecture by Vatel in issues pertaining to the Tourism and Real Estate Sector was held earlier in the week. The lecture primarily focused on gaps and investment opportunities in the two sectors.

Over 40 Vatel students, prospective students, and their parents attended the lecture along with eminent guests representing the Kingdom’s burgeoning hospitality sector.

Among other hot topics, the lecture zoomed in on how tourism and real estate-related investments are key ingredients to sustainable economic growth. Simultaneously, the experts sharing their knowledge and experience also brushed upon the challenges facing these sectors along with possible solutions. 

The lecture also highlighted some of the major projects and mega-development work currently underway (or in the pipeline) and how they could potentially create an abundance of high-quality job opportunities over the coming years. 

The event ended with an engaging Q&A session where the audience, comprising mostly of young students, asked questions and exchange their views with experts.

“We want the students to connect with leaders in the industry such as Mr. Ali Murtaza from the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB), and understand the importance of this sector, and their role within the different segments of tourism and real estate,” said Mr. Julien Liscouet, General Director of Vatel school in Bahrain. 

He added: “The hospitality industry is growing and will continue to grow and we need to ensure our students are aware of the changes so that they can be prepared to make a difference with the skills they will acquire from Vatel.”

For those out of the loop, Vatel is a leading hotel management school in Bahrain. It also happens to be the group’s first and only school in the GCC region.