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Viva Bahrain and Huawei have signed a new system and network transformation contract to enhance Menatelecom’s network framework. One of the top telecom providers, Viva Bahrain recently completed its acquisition of Menatelecom in January. Viva and Huawei’s contract focuses on significantly enhancing Menatelecom’s network to provide an excellent customer experience.

The upgrade is planned to be finalized in six months and will also have Core RAN, transport network and IT infrastructure.

With investments in numerous network upgrades for both Menatelecom and Viva, this will result in a focused effort on enhancing the home user’s experience and bringing the newest wireless radio technologies as part of Viva’s 5G strategy.

Not only that! Viva is aiming to elevate its voice user’s experience by implementing numerous enhancements to its Voice over LTE technology.

“We have always strived towards investing and deploying the most innovative ICT infrastructure in Bahrain, and we remain committed to providing the best-in-class customer experience to our commercial, corporate and home customers.”, said CEO of Viva Bahrain, Ulaiyan Al Wetaid.

“The partnership with Huawei will enable us to accelerate ours and as well as Menatelecom’s network transformation and generate opportunities for deploying newer technologies in the kingdom.

This collaboration marks yet another key milestone for us in our journey to expand our footprint in the kingdom, provide best-in-class customer experience, and prepare to offer 5G services across the country,” he added.

“We are proud of our long-term strategic alliance with Viva.”, said John Luyuedong, CEO of Huawei Bahrain.