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Viva Bahrain, one of the best providers of voice and data services in the Kingdom, has launched a new technology called Skyfi.

According to Viva, Skyfi is designed to boost your internet speed by manifold, making it one of the fastest by global standards. Viva Skyfi is powered by Point-to-Multipoint wireless technology and will provide wide area coverage to enterprises. Not only that, but it will also be on par with fibre-optics connectivity.

The new technology works by connecting multiple points and locations from a single access point. This modus operandi enables the service to deliver data much quicker and by using less hardware. The net output is as reliable and fast as most high-quality fibre-optics connections, if not more.

“We’re constantly monitoring the evolution of new technologies and industry trends to ensure that we maintain our technology lead in Bahrain and cater to the varying needs of enterprises. This technology, in particular, is designed to deliver seamless connectivity and promises fast installation that’s meant to make it easier for enterprises to take their business to the next level,” said Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, Chief Executive at Viva Bahrain.

Viva Skyfi packages will include Local MPLS, dedicated internet, and fixed voice services, all of which can be connected to enterprise PBX systems.