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In a significant boost to the company’s efforts to accelerate capital raise, VVIP has struck a deal with Pecunio to bag a sizeable investment worth $2,500,000. The additional fund is expected to fuel VVIP’s growth and expansion into international markets.

VVIP is currently focusing on building a new blockchain-based social networking platform targeted at lifestyle enthusiasts and global events. Pecunio, meanwhile, is leveraging its secure network and an impressive investment portfolio to emerge one of the world’s leading investors of blockchain platforms.

“We are very excited about this deal and especially about the community we are building from Dubai to the world. We think people should engage more on real life and for us building a social network powered by unforgettable live experiences is the best way to make people connect again,” said Saber Ghaith, Founder, and CEO at VVIP.

He added: “The events industry is a massive, thriving market globally, and Dubai is positioning itself as one of the most well-respected places in the world for entertainment. We are looking forward to deploying the blockchain capabilities into our platform to further drive the adoption of this powerful technology and make VVIP become the ultimate social network for the events enthusiasts around the globe.”

According to the Pecunio management team, VVIP’s future product brings the best practices in the blockchain industry to social media and thereby enhancing several useful metrics such as decentralization, efficiency, privacy, and security.

VVIP’s reputation as the only media house exclusively focused on bringing quality entertainment solutions to the Middle East is likely to help its new efforts yield the desired result in the region.