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Xina AI is an innovative piece of technology that is revolutionizing the way customer service is provided in Arabic dialects for Arabic speakers. It combines the latest advances in artificial intelligence with automation to provide quick and accurate personalized responses for customers across the region. 

Xina AI goes a step further than traditional customer service technologies by understanding the nuances of dialectal differences in a natural way. The cutting-edge AI technology they provide include a voice assistant and chatbot with advanced NLP capabilities. 

Founded in 2020, the company operates from offices in Amman, Jordan, and has fruitful strategic partnerships with HubSpot, Microsoft for Startups, Nvidia, and GrowthX.

The company is committed to empowering Arabic speakers across a range of industries including government, telecom, and e-commerce. With the goal of automating mundane tasks, Xina AI believe businesses of all sizes can harness the power of artificial intelligence and utilize their human capital in a more strategic and efficient way. With an expert team of consultants, they guide businesses through the process of integrating their intelligent voice assistant and chatbot into their operations. 

By designing customized solutions, the company ensures that their clients’ specific requirements are met, while also streamlining processes and driving growth.

Xina AI stands out from the competition due to their knack for delivering rapid and budget-friendly solutions. By employing a mix of prebuilt AI models and bespoke development, they bring to the table solutions that are cost-effective without sacrificing effectiveness. Notably, Xina AI’s solutions are notably easy to integrate into existing systems and workflows, so businesses can enjoy the perks of AI without having to undertake significant infrastructure changes.

Unleashing a new era of automated customer service and support, the Xina Chatbot is an AI-powered platform that is both powerful and versatile. As a bilingual platform, it delivers a seamless experience for businesses, catering to Arabic-speaking customers. The chatbot’s engine has the impressive ability to comprehend a vast range of topics and industries, enabling it to field customer inquiries ranging from routine questions to more complex issues.

With the added functionality of appreciating and responding to customer inquiries in different Arabic dialects, the Xina Chatbot is undoubtedly an adaptable solution for businesses seeking a superior customer support offering.The chatbot boasts advanced NLU (natural language understanding) abilities, enabling it to interact with customers in an engaging and authentic way. Businesses can take advantage of its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing systems and workflows, making it a breeze to introduce AI into customer service operations. Notably, it also has a quick deployment timeline, so businesses can begin reaping the rewards of its powerful technology in little time.

Xina Voice Assistant is another standout player in the innovative service space. By integrating this intelligent product into existing call center systems, businesses can streamline customer queries and hasten response times, translating to increased efficiency and an overall better customer experience. What’s more, businesses can tailor the voice assistant to understand the jargon and specific commands that are pertinent to the customer service industry, in both English and various Arabic dialects, thereby delivering effortless and personalized service for customers. 

The final result? A significant uptick in customer satisfaction, a decrease in call abandonment rates, and a new standard of operational excellence.

Xina’s platform is a true powerhouse, with a vast array of prebuilt AI engines and flows enjoying the capability to power conversational AI and automation solutions. The AI engines provide the seamless ability to listen, comprehend, and respond in natural language, an invaluable commodity for businesses looking to enhance their customer service offering.

The platform’s unique aptitude for supporting diverse Arabic dialects is noteworthy, with each engine customizable and tuneable to fit specific use cases. Equally important, the platform is user-friendly and optimized to support quick, efficient tailoring of use cases, in both Arabic dialects and English language. Rounding out Xina’s impressive offering is the extensive prebuilt library, designed with industry-specific use cases to benefit and support businesses in achieving their customer service goals.

An often-overlooked benefit of automation is the invaluable insights it can provide businesses into customer interactions and behavior, which can serve as a foundation for improving products and services. Moreover, businesses can leverage automation to observe trending market preferences, seek new expansion avenues such as identifying new markets, and discover game-changing revenue streams.

Take the first step to revolutionizing your business with Xina today by booking a free demo.