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Press Release.

  • The initiative is part of Zain Bahrain’s ‘zWellness Program,’ that was launched earlier this month
  • Zain Bahrain collaborated with Hayatech, a wellness gamification platform
  • This program encourages employees to advance their overall health and incentivizes them to adopt healthy habits through gamification and rewards
  • The amount collected was contributed to the Bahrain Paralympic Committee as part of Zain Bahrain’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative

Manama – 23 February 2021:  Zain Bahrain, a leading telecommunications operator in the Kingdom, with its employees walked a cumulative of 3 million steps virtually utilizing the ‘Wellness Gamification’ program to commemorate Bahrain Sports Day. 

Zain Bahrain collaborated with Hayatech, a wellness gamification platform to develop the program that encourages employees to advance their overall health. The campaign is part of Zain Bahrain’s ongoing ‘zWellness Program’ that was launched recently to incentivize employees to adopt healthy habits through gamification and rewards. 

Employee wellbeing has been one of Zain Bahrain’s key pillars and the company has developed many programs in the past that focus on improving their productivity and taking care of their health simultaneously. 

The Wellness Gamification program is designed for individual employees and various departments who compete through customized & localized challenges, and departmental leaderboards. The program is designed in such a way that each step taken will be rewarded throughout the program with tokens when employees connect to the Hayatech mobile application to sync their steps. 

The employees were rewarded with tokens, for every 1,000 steps taken with a maximum of 10,000 steps taken each day. Further tokens can be earned by participating in individual and department-based movement challenges and by responding to the optional survey located on the mobile application. 

Zain Bahrain employees can also sync their favorite wearables, including Apple Watch, Google Fit, and Fitbit to access the Hayatech mobile application. The total money generated for the ‘walk for the cause’ program will be contributed to the Bahrain Paralympic Committee as part of Zain Bahrain’s Corporate Social Responsibility program.  

Commenting on the wellness gamification program, Shaikh Abdulla bin Khalid Al Khalifa, Director of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Zain Bahrain said, “Good health and wellbeing are core enablers of performance and development. We at Zain Bahrain continuously strive to introduce programs that challenge our employees and provide a burst of feel-good energy and intrinsic motivation. 

We are glad to have collaborated with Hayatech and find this unique gamification experience highly motivating that encourages our employees to take part and develop healthier habits and stronger relationships with their peers. Through this initiative, we give our employees something fun and competitive to do that makes their workdays more enjoyable.”

He further added, “As a responsible corporate, we at Zain Bahrain care for our local community and believe in giving back to the society and our country’s sportsmen. Hence, the money generated through our Wellness program will be contributed to the Bahrain Paralympic Committee which enables differently abled sports people in Bahrain. We want our employees to feel good that they can celebrate National Sports Day as well as contribute towards a noble cause.”

On the occasion, Shaikh Mohamed bin Duaij Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Bahrain Paralympic Committee, stated: “We are very pleased to receive all this support from Zain Bahrain, which has presented and continues to provide many positive and noble initiatives that come in line with its firm belief in the need to fully embody the principle of partnership and social responsibility effective in Bahraini society. 

We in the Bahrain Paralympic Committee look forward to increasing such valuable initiatives so that we can increase interest and care for the category of those with impairments.” 

By introducing such developmental and wellness gamification programs and by incentivizing healthy habits, Zain Bahrain is providing its employees greater aptitude to be productive while developing a community around wellness.