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California-based enterprise cloud service provider Nutanix has announced that Zain Bahrain successfully deployed a new cloud-based enterprise software solution for enhancing operational efficiency.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud operating system software, together with the company’s AHV hypervisor, will pave the way for operators to monitor and analyze a massive amount of data in real-time. This enhanced ability will help Zain Bahrain with better decision makings, while simultaneously freeing up resources, so the company can focus on core business issues such as rolling out new products and ensuring a better customer experience.

The new solution from Nutanix combines storage, compute, virtualization, and analytics to facilitate the scope for further business optimization. Among other advantages, this new platform also ensures the optimum efficiency and imposes absolutely no limitations on scalability. These are some of the underlying aspects that likely prompted Zain Bahrain to opt for the Nutanix AHV hypervisor as the company continues optimizing its future growth model.

Another key benefit of choosing AHV hypervisor is that it will enable Zain Bahrain to reduce the licensing cost for virtualization by a big margin.

“Following a careful evaluation of our objectives and business plans, we decided that the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software is equipped with the flexibility and scalability we need to support our ambitious growth strategy,” said Salah Jalal, Acting Technology Director at Zain Bahrain.

He also added: “The Nutanix solution allows us to operate a leaner IT infrastructure for a more seamless and efficient operation, at a reduced cost. For example, the total cost of ownership was reduced significantly by 55% compared to traditional storage solutions.”

Meanwhile, speaking on his company’s partnership with Zain Bahrain, Nicolas Leblanc, Senior Director of emerging markets and Eastern Europe at Nutanix, stretched that Zain’s ability to analyze data fast and accurately can significantly improve customer experience.

“Our software can take care of that, so our customers can focus on delivering business values, rather than worrying about keeping the infrastructure lights on,” Leblanc said.