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Bahrain’s leading telecom operator Zain Bahrain has entered a new alliance with Bahraini startup Majra, a new-generation employment platform. Majra aims to help young job seekers and students make good career choices based on their talent, passion, and every other trait that could make an impact on their professional life.

The partnership between Zain Bahrain and Majra comes as a part of the telecom giant’s Zain Youth Empowerment Program. Per the deal, Zain Bahrain will get its own separate section on the Majra website featuring interviews with Zain Bahrain management team who will discuss at length about employment opportunities in the company. Additionally, they will also share valuable professional insights including interview tips for youngsters.

“Zain Bahrain is delighted to be working with Majra with the aim to reach the Bahraini youth and give them the opportunity to join Zain Youth program,” said Zain Bahrain Human Resource Director, Dana Bukhammas.  

“The new supported page will contain many beneficial information for young career seekers such as the latest opportunities available at Zain Bahrain, articles and news updates on workplace environment to prepare students and Bahraini youth with their career path and future growth.”

Zain Bahrain has also vowed to continue with the Zain Youth Program outside its collaboration with Majra. The initiative includes specialized training and mentorship sessions aimed at helping students and young professionals to fine tune their skills as per future market needs.