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The Zayed Sustainability Prize is inviting innovators worldwide to submit their impactful and inspirational solutions to benefit communities. Djembe Consultants, the MENA outreach partner, has been supporting the Prize for more than five years in its mission to recognize and reward innovative solutions across five categories: Health, Food, Energy, Water, and Global High Schools. The Prize awards $600,000 to one winner per category annually.

The Prize is open to submissions until May 23, 2023. To attract potential applicants from the MENA region, Djembe Consultants will conduct a targeted outreach campaign. The campaign will focus on encouraging applicants across all categories, including the unique Global High Schools category. Unlike other categories, the Global High Schools category accepts submissions from high schools across the continent with potential project plans for implementation and success, without the need for pre-existing registered enterprises.

Winning the Zayed Sustainability Prize can help innovators take their solutions to the next level and have a more significant impact on communities worldwide. This is a great opportunity for innovators with sustainable solutions to gain recognition and funding to support their work. Don’t miss out on the chance to benefit from this prestigious Prize and make a difference in the world.